COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality): Detailed illustration with Examples

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In this video, I am sharing one of the detailed concepts from “Career Growth Blueprint”, i.e. COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality). If you want to learn all the basic terms in Quality, Lean, and Six Sigma as well as Career Growth Foundations, then visit at:
The Quality costs are the categories that are associated with: Producing, Identifying, Avoiding, and Repairing products that do not meet requirements. In this video, you will learn COPQ in detail with the help of Examples including:
✔ Introduction
✔ Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) Meaning
✔ Prevention Cost with Examples
✔ Appraisal Cost with Examples
✔ Internal Failure Cost with Examples
✔ External Failure Cost with Examples
✔ Intangible Cost with Examples
✔ Relationships between all Costs in COPQ
✔ Iceberg in COPQ
✔ The Hidden Factory
I am sure you will like it.

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