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Leadership and Team Management Training | Leadership: Meaning, Their Styles, & Application

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Hello Friends,
This video is about Leadership and Team Management Training, Leadership meaning, Their styles, and relationships with Team Management. It consists of the following topics:
✅ Introduction to Leadership
✅ Leadership Definition
✅ Situational Leadership
✅ Development Process of the Individuals
✅ Leadership Styles and their relationship with people development
✅ 1. Directing Leadership Style
✅ 2. Coaching Leadership Style
✅ 3. Supporting (Participating) Leadership Style
✅ 4. Delegating Leadership Style
✅ Leadership Styles in Forming Stage
✅ Leadership Styles in Storming Stage
✅ Leadership Styles in Norming Stage
✅ Leadership Styles in Performing Stage
✅ Learn Lean Six Sigma & Minitab Most Effectively and Practically
I am sure you will like it.

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