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DPMO, FTY, FPY, and RTY: Important Concepts With Practical Examples

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To learn the basics of Quality, Lean, Six Sigma including metrics like DPMO, and Career Growth Foundations most effectively and practically enroll in

Hello Friends,
This video is about some crucial metrics in Six Sigma like DPMO, FPY, FTY, and RTY. It consists of the following topics:
✅ Introduction to Six Sigma Metrics
✅ Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO)
✅ First Time Yield (FTY)
✅ Rolled Throughput Yield (RTY)
✅ Example to calculate FTY and RTY
✅ First Pass Yield (FPY)
✅ Calculation of Rolled Throughput Yield
✅ Alternative Method to calculate Rolled Throughput Yield
✅ Rolled Throughput Formula in the general case (in Examination)
✅ Exercise for you
I am sure you will like it.

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