Why 1.5 For Outliers in Boxplot? | Application Of Boxplot

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Hello Friends,
In this video, we will learn – Why 1.5 for outliers in boxplot? It consists of the following topics:
✅ Introduction to Boxplot
✅ When to use Boxplot?
✅ Elements of Boxplot
✅ Standard Normal Distribution and Boxplot
✅ What is the Z value corresponding to IQR in Boxplot?
✅ What if Scale=1 in the Boxplot?
✅ What if Scale=2 in the Boxplot?
✅ What if Scale=1.5 in the Boxplot?
✅ What is the best scale to detect outliers in Boxplot?
✅ Why use scale 1.5 for outliers in Boxplot?
✅ Learn Lean Six Sigma Most Effectively and Practically
I am sure you will like it.

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